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Pacdon Park Factory ShopOpening Times Mon - Fri 8.30am-5pm

Address: Pacdon Park, 464 Perricoota Road, Moama, NSW 2731, Australia (4.64km from the Safeway Turnoff on the right-hand side, Look out for the Clover Leaf on the side of the building and the orange flags outside). Factory shop open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm. Closed weekends and public holidays

Postal Address: Pacdon Park, PO Box 2110, Echuca, Vic 3645, Australia

Telephone: 03 5480 9645 // Email:

Pacdon Park Produce Store. Open 7 days a week (For opening hours please see Produce Store Echuca Page on website) @ 586 High Street, Echuca (please check public holidays opening on facebook @Pacdon Park) Phone: 03 5480 0844

Please note: The Factory Shop will be closed from Friday 23 December, reopening at 8.30am on Tuesday 3 January 2017

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